About Us

  • Aqua Trex is considered Aqua Systems Co. water treatment of the most prestigious companies working in this field since 2009 to cover all the needs of the Egyptian market for the consumer and even factories, companies and other.
  • AquaTrex Company specializes in filters and several Of Dispensers. We take pride in the Quality of Products to Provide Pure and our Exceptional Service. If you are not drinking the purest water yet, you have to Try AquaTrex Products

Our Products

Choosing the best system to meet your needs is simply a matter of deciding the water quality you prefer. Options available to you can be divided into filters and purifiers. Water filters are generally cartridge based systems which are designed to improve taste, colour and odour of your drinking water by removing chlorine, bad taste, odours and a wide range of other chemicals and contaminants as well as dirt, mud, rust, scale, hair, fibres and other suspended matter.

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