Choosing the best system to meet your needs is simply a matter of deciding the water quality you prefer. Options available to you can be divided into filters and purifiers. Water filters are generally cartridge based systems which are designed to improve taste, colour and odour of your drinking water by removing chlorine, bad taste, odours and a wide range of other chemicals and contaminants as well as dirt, mud, rust, scale, hair, fibres and other suspended matter.

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Water Dispenser

Special cartridges are available specifically designed to remove Guardia and also cryptosporidium cysts Purifiers are based on Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology, which is simply a separation process where a semi-permeable membrane allows water to pass through it leaving behind most of the dissolved solids (Salt, calcium, lead, copper, aluminium, arsenic, fluoride, cadmium, mercury, etc.) found in the water. As part of this process the membrane is flushed during operation to remove the solids in a self-cleaning process. As a system in domestic use the membrane is preceded by a sediment filter to protect the membrane and the last stage is a carbon filter to polish the water and remove any volatiles. The net result is extremely high purity water..